[News] Wu Chun rumored to be married and has a daughter.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


[News] Wu Chun rumored to be married and has a daughter.
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Wu Chun’s love life has always been a mystery and he once declared to the media that he has “not dated anyone after graduating from college.” Wu Chun has been in the Taiwan showbiz for six years, and during this time, it has been rumored several times that he was already married. Yesterday, Next Media magazine reported once again that Wu Chun got married in 2009 and has already become a dad earlier this year.

It is reported that his 31 year-old wife, whom he has been together with for 15 years, gave birth to a girl after Chinese New Year. Wu Chun denied the claims and responded through his manager, “The woman in the photo is my older brother’s wife. My older brothers and sisters have a total of four children, so it’s very normal to have children’s clothing and things at home.”

Relatives and neighbors did not deny the rumor of Wu Chun being married and having a 4-month old daughter. According to various sources, his wife Lin Li-Ying (林麗瑩) was his high school classmate and they started dating from when they were 16 till now. His father in-law is also a well-known masseuse in Brunei. However, Wu Chun, who is currently filming in Hong Kong, said he does not know who Lin Li-Ying is and explained that he took a vacation during Chinese New Year so that he and his family could go for a trip to Australia. He said while feeling vexed, “With these reports, I feel very bad towards my brother and my sister in-law.”

What’s suspicious is that despite visiting very infrequently in the past, Wu Chun has already returned to Brunei ten times this first half of the year. He also withdrew from acting in an idol drama that would have taken too much of his time. A few days ago, he also said, “(I) hope that I can spend three months in Brunei during this year,” making everyone curious of his motives.
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